Before Surgery

Bowel Preparation – Anorectal Surgery

What is anorectal surgery?

Anorectal surgical procedures are performed for proctologic disorders affecting the anus, rectum, and the pelvic floor.   Such procedures are done for conditions such as hemorrhoids, fissure, fistula, warts, anal skin lesions, anal or rectal polyp, anal prolapse, vaginal fistula, incontinence, and rectocele.  These procedures are typically performed on the anus, the rectum, the vagina, and/or the perineum [the skin and muscle area in front of the anus].   Minor anorectal surgical procedures are performed as day case or with an overnight hospital stay.  More complex anorectal procedures usually require 2 to 3 days hospital stay or longer depending on the level of complexity.

How do you prepare for the procedure?

The day prior to your procedure

Anorectal surgical procedures require minimal bowel preparation.  Until the day prior to your procedure, continue all your regular activities and eat a regular diet unless instructed otherwise.

The day of your procedure

  • You need to come fasting (no food, thick liquids, milk or dairy products) for 8 hours
  • You can have clear liquids (See below list) until 4 hours prior to your operation
  • You need to do 2 enemas 1 hour prior to leaving your home to come to the hospital [see section on How To Do An Enema]
  • For a complete list of what to do and expect, kindly check the section on Surgery Day

Kindly arrive 2 hours prior to your scheduled time in order to prepare you for the operating room. If you arrive late, you risk having your procedure delayed or cancelled as Dr. Maher Abbas runs a busy and tight schedule of patients.


The type of liquids you can see light through such as: water, clear fruit juices (apple, white cranberry, white grape), beef or chicken broth, ginger ale, carbonated beverages (Sprite, 7-UP, tea (no milk), filtered coffee (no Turkish coffee), Popsicles, and Jelly. No milk or dairy products.

Any questions?  Contact Dr.  Maher A. Abbas’ office nurse here.