Before Surgery

Surgery Day

Arrival time

The day prior to your operation, you will receive final confirmation about the time of your procedure.  If you do not hear by 3 pm about your scheduled time, call Dr. Maher Abbas’ office and nurse for instructions.  Kindly arrive 2 hours prior to your procedure time and report to the location specified to you.  Dr. Maher Abbas runs a tight and fully booked schedule.  If you arrive late, you risk delays or potential cancellation of your procedure.


Bring your identification card (and any additional personal documentation), your insurance card, or payment if you are cash paying.

Process of admission

After your admission paperwork is taken care of, you will be admitted to the ward where you will change and prepare for surgery.  If you are having an outpatient minor surgical procedure, you will be instructed where to report.  From the ward you will be transported to the holding area outside the operating room where you will meet the anesthesiologist and nursing team.  Dr. Maher Abbas will see you and answer any questions you have.  If you have a change in your condition, a new finding (especially for proctologic surgery if you feel a new bump, opening, etc.), or you need to remind or inform Dr. Maher Abbas, kindly do so before being shifted to the operating room.   It is important to note that delays may arise due to operating room emergencies or a prolonged complex operation being performed by Dr. Maher Abbas.  Once the operating room is ready, you will be transferred there.

After surgery hospital visit

Once your operation is completed and you have recovered from the anesthetic, you will be shifted back to the ward.  If you are having day surgery, Dr. Maher Abbas, his nurse, or a physician team member will see you prior to discharge to give you all the instructions.  If you are staying in the hospital, Dr. Maher Abbas will visit with you and your family later in the day or evening to check on you and discuss the findings of the surgery.  If you need Dr. Maher Abbas to speak with family members immediately after the surgery, kindly provide him with their names and phone numbers.

For same day operations

If your operation is being done as same day and you will receive an anesthetic, a driver needs to take you home.   Arrangement will be made for prescribed medication pick up.  A follow-up appointment will be arranged with Dr. Maher Abbas.  If you need sick leave paperwork, inform the nursing team and it will be provided.

Any questions?  Contact Dr.  Maher A. Abbas’ office nurse here.