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Ноябрь 12, 2022

Professor Maher A. Abbas serves as an honorary invited faculty at the FIOD22 International Congress in Rome, Italy

November 12, 2022 | Rome, Italy |

The International Congress on Fecal Incontinence and Obstructed Defecation (FIOD22) was hosted in Rome, Italy by Professor Carlo Ratto. The congress featured an international group of academic surgeons who shared with a global audience the latest developments in pelvic floor disorders evaluation and treatment. Professor Maher A. Abbas moderated the session on obstructed defecation, served as a discussant in the section on sphincter repair, and shared with the audience a technical video on perineal reconstruction.

Professor Maher A. Abbas serves as an honorary faculty at the International Congress

Professor Maher A. Abbas with distinguished international faculty, Professor Carlo Ratto from Rome, Italy, Professor Klaus Matzel from Erlangen, Germany, and Professor Roland Scherer from Berlin, Germany [right to left]

Professor Maher A. Abbas with Professor Carlo Ratto (middle) and Dr. Angelo Marra at Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome, Italy

Professor Maher A. Abbas participating in a cooking class to learn how to make the dessert of Tiramisu