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September 18, 2018

Dr. Maher Abbas performs 3 operations to restore function in a man who ran across the United States of America

September 18, 2018 | Dubai, UAE |

Gulf News reported on the fascinating story of Professor Nicholas Ashill who had undertaken a task that few people have ever done: run across the United States of America from West Coast to East Coast. The 5,400 kilometers journey started in Los Angeles, California. With 922 kilometers to New York City, Professor Ashill was hit by a pick-up truck and nearly died of multiple injuries to various parts of his body. After 10 operations in the United States of America and 4 months in the hospital, he was allowed to travel to the United Arab Emirates. Professor Ashill sought the care of Dr. Maher Abbas who performed 3 additional operations on the pelvic area to restore normal bowel function. The operations were a success and Professor Ashill gradually resumed physical training with the ultimate goal to return to the USA to finish the last 922 kilometers of his journey. The full English version of the story can be accessed at: 

Dr. Maher Abbas with Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ashill