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October 21, 2018

Dr. Maher A. Abbas spoke at the Mayo Clinic Priestley Society 53rd Annual Meeting

October 21, 2018 | Boston, USA |

The Mayo Clinic Priestley Society 53rd annual meeting was held in Boston, USA.  Dr. Maher Abbas was a featured speaker and gave a talk titled “From Mayo Clinic to the world: my resident journey with Dr. Keith Kelly”.   The Priestley Surgical Society membership consists of current and former surgeons from the Mayo Clinic.  Dr. Maher Abbas spent 6 years of his professional career at the Mayo Clinic which remains ranked as the #1 Hospital in the USA.

Dr. Maher A. Abbas with his former Mayo Clinic colleague Professor Sumeet Teotia currently at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA

Sunset view of the Boston harbor